Still family owned in our 3rd generation, WVA was founded by a private practice eye doctor.

WVA is rooted in integrity and is committed to supporting our local community.

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No two eye care practices are the same.

We focus on the unique needs of our doctors.

Your WVA rep will get to know you and the workings of your practice from the bottom up, in order to craft an individual plan for growth. The success of your independent practice remains the driving force behind WVA, keeping in mind the common thread that unifies us all.

Humble beginnings

Proud of our heritage, we continue to earn your trust.

After working with his father in a small-town single-location eye care practice in Burlington, WI, Dr. Robert Fait and his wife Judy had noticed a growing need among eye care practices. So with a leap of faith and trust in his fellow doctors, WVA was founded in 1982.

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Everything you need. One source.

Agility and flexibility to meet your demands.

The size and scale of WVA allows us to serve practices of all sizes. We fulfill orders for some of the largest practices in the country - meeting their daily needs and demands. That experience allows us to bring knowledge and those learnings to benefit our regional and rural practices.

Investing in our own community

Creating opportunities for ALL individuals.

Our people are our greatest asset. We are devoted to creating opportunities for ALL individuals within our local community. WVA teams up with local opportunity centers to find the full potential of differently abled adults. We work with our people to find their greatest skillset.

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WVA leadership understands the struggles of owning a private practice.

3 generations of the Fait family's values and leadership.

Small businesses hold a special place in the hearts of WVA's leadership. We take pride in supporting private practices and being a part of their unique journey.

We offer so much more than just contact lens distribution services. WVA offers tools to improve your efficiency, reporting that identifies trends & opportunities for growth, services to help in marketing and building your brand, and a buying group that continuously provides flexibility along with the best vendor discounts.

We would be honored to be a part of YOUR journey.

We offer so much more than just contact lens distribution services.

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