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Industry-Leading Fill Rate

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97% of all contact lens orders are in stock. WVA's unique ability to provide a full inventory from one location enhances our efficiency while saving our doctors time and money. Whether you are shipping to your office or direct to patient, our flexibility allows us to begin fulfilling your order the minute your order is placed. Backorders, if ever needed, ship free.

Unmatched Customer Service

Personal care. More efficient ordering.

WVA customer service representatives go above and beyond taking your orders and answering your questions. We simplify and streamline the entire ordering process. Our dedicated management team meets regularly to discuss the needs of your practice with your WVA sales representative. Together we deliver the experience you expect & deserve.

Your Own Personal Sales Rep

True partnership begins with our commitment.

WVA Sales Representatives build a long-lasting relationship with each doctor, by investing the time to understand each practice's story. We provide consulting, training of your staff, business analysis and more. WVA's powerful reporting tools allow a unique perspective into your practice trends, highlighting opportunities for growth and ways to maximize profitability.

Complimentary Trial Lens Management

Scan it. Send it. Done.

WVA Scan Software is easy to install and full training of your staff is included. Simply scan your trial lenses as they leave your inventory. When you are ready to reorder, plug your scanner in to automatically replenish your stock in one simple order.

New Distribution Partners

WVA is always adding to our portfolio of products we offer our doctors.

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