MOONLENS® Contact Lenses for Myopia Treatment

Have you been looking for alternative treatments that can help you manage your Myopia? You may want to contact Dr. Nicholas Bowen at Family Vision Contact Lens Center, who specializes in Moonlens® contact lens fittings.

MOONLENS® contact lenses provide new hope of treating Myopia without glasses, daytime contact lenses, or surgery.

Moonlens Contact Lens Fitting PDF

Moonlens Contact Lens Fitting PDF

Wake Up to Great Vision

Being nearsighted, you may have heard the term myopia. What does it mean to be myopic or have myopia? Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness, when near objects can be seen clearly but distance objects appear blurry.

Unlike other contact lenses, MOONLENS custom lenses are not available to purchase online. Your MOONLENS custom lenses have been specifically designed for your unique eyes and prescription.

Works While You Sleep

When wearing MOONLENS, the curvature of your cornea changes temporarily while you sleep. By reshaping your cornea,  light can focus properly on the retina instead of in front of it, resulting in natural, clear vision. Most patients enjoy seeing clearly all day long without the use of glasses or daytime contact lenses.

MOONLENS is non-surgical and completely reversible. Your cornea will return to its original shape if you stop the treatment of wearing MOONLENS as instructed by your Eye Doctor.

Managing Your Myopia

Myopia can start in childhood years and may become progressively worse through adolescence to mid-twenties. It may also develop in later years as adults due to visual stress or health conditions, such as diabetes. Myopia can lead to sightthreatening issues later in life such as: glaucoma, retinal detachment, cataracts, myopic macular degeneration and blindness. With MOONLENS, your doctor will provide you an effective vision correction treatment program to help manage your myopia.

Wear and Care

It is important to clean your MOONLENS custom lenses properly and care for them daily, as instructed by your Eye Doctor. Maintenance is as easy as caring for regular contact lenses by cleaning, disinfecting, and storing them properly in a clean lens case.

Since MOONLENS treatment occurs overnight, there is no complication from potential dry eye with daytime contact lens wear, or hassle of remembering rewetting drops, lens case, or solutions.

This also makes MOONLENS an ideal vision correction option for children. Parents can help their child care properly for their lenses at night. With MOONLENS, children can see freely at school or play, everyday.

A Great Choice for Many

Scleral Contact Lens Fitting Family Vision, Burlington WIThe MOONLENS overnight vision treatment is perfect for people who have a lifestyle where glasses or contacts may interfere:

    • Athletes or anyone who enjoys playing sports
    • People with professions that require visual freedom (such as firefighters, construction workers, lifeguards, etc.)
    • Those who work on a computer all day or for long hours at a time • People who suffer from allergies
    • Anyone who maintains an active lifestyle

It is also a great vision correction choice for anyone who is not a candidate for LASIK surgery (like children and teens) or would rather choose a non-surgical, non-invasive option.

Your Eye Doctor and Your Vision

The MOONLENS overnight vision treatment is available only through select Eye Care Professionals. Before prescribing MOONLENS, Eye Care Professionals must become specially trained and certified in the MOONLENS overnight vision treatment to learn how to perform this unique procedure.

With measurements this exact, analysis this thorough and Dr. Bowen's process proven effective, Family Vision Eye Care & Contact Lens Center often receives referrals from other regional eye care practices throughout the Midwest to provide custom contact fittings and Scleral lens fittings.

You will be glad to know that Family Vision Doctors are part of an elite group of
certified experts in this innovative vision correction treatment.

Moonlens Contact Lens Fitting PDF

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